Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday...7x7 Challenge

I saw this challenge online and really wanted to try it for my second ever "What I Wore" post.  A couple of years ago I went to a Bible study where a girl "shopped her closet" and came up with around five or six outfits from three items of clothing, and I loved it!  I guess that's why this challenge snagged my attention.  Basically you're supposed to take 7 items of clothing and come up with 7 outfits.  I like this because it shows you that you don't need a ton of clothes to make different outfits!  So here is what I came up with...

*oh yes, and please try to look past the dark lighting and fuzzy pictures.  Kenzie (my 8-year-old) is doing a great job at taking pictures, but it's really difficult when it's 7 pm and all you want to be doing is playing in the last hour of daylight instead of taking pictures of your mom!

These are my seven items I chose:

These are the details on the items:
1) Old Navy white sleeveless shirt (given to me by a friend)
2) Nude/Light blue sleeveless shirt purchased at Platos Closet ($7), originally from Love Culture
3) No Boundaries Walmart skinny jeans ($20)
4) Coral/Orange Forever 21 blazer (purchased too long ago to remember how much it cost!)
5) Light blue skinny jeans purchased at Platos Closet ($10), originally from Gap (*these would look much better ironed! ;))
6) Cheetah print belt, Walmart (came in a two for one pack with a red belt for $8 total)
7) Cheetah print wedges purchased at Platos Closet ($7), not sure where they originally came from

I came up with 8 outfits...here's what I put together...

Outfit 1: 1,3,4,6,&7

Outfit 2: 1,3,6 &7

Outfit 3: 2,3,4, 6&7

 Outfit 4: 2,3,6&7

Outfit 5: 2,5,7

Outfit 6: 2,3,4,6&7

Outfit 7: 2,5,6&7

Outfit 8: 1,4,5,6&7

I guess it's not bad for my first time trying to shop my closet and coming up with 8 outfits from 7 items!  Here's a look at all 8 outfits together:

It was fun and challenging - so now I just need to find some places to wear my new creations ;)

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  1. Nice! 8!!! I am impressed...I even made myself a note to give it a try this summer once I don't have work restricting what I can wear. I like the first one best!

    Patrice @ dittothatstyle.blogspot.com


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