Friday, August 19, 2011

Disney Day 6: Islands of Adventure

It's that time again...time to revisit Disney!!  Our sixth day we went to my absolute favorite park, Islands of Adventure.  

 Now, don't get me wrong; it's not like it's the best as far as rides or anything, but I just love the atmosphere at IoA, and it's a great place for the kids, as well.  I think one of the biggest reasons I love IoA is because it has a HUGE Seussland...yes, Dr. Seuss and all of his wonderful characters live at Islands of Adventure {and I'm a Seuss fanatic...I LOVE the GRINCH, ever have since I was in high school, and my kids have a ton of Dr. Seuss books - my very favorite is Oh the Thinks You Can Think...I can recite it from memory...really}

Anyway, I seriously digressed...okay, so when we first got to IoA, we had to wait for 15 minutes while Amy got coffee...I mean, really? 

And I guess I can't complain, because we then headed straight for the Hulk, where Mom & Katie & Julie spent 20 minutes (with 6 kids 6 and under) waiting on us while we rode the Hulk several times.  What a great ride...

Anywho, then we headed over to Seussland and spent some time over in that area riding kids' rides and eating lunch...and then suddenly after lunchtime, it got couldn't really even get around.  All of the rides were VERY long, and it was really crowded.  So mom, Julie, Katie & dad headed back to the hotel with all of the kids, and me, Drew, Jeremy & Amy stayed back to ride the new Harry Potter ride and whatever else we could ride (which, we stood in line so long that that ended up being the only ride we got to ride!!).  That was so amazing being there without the kids...I mean, I love my kids and all, but who's up for a day at UNIVERSAL or DISNEY WITHOUT KIDS?  Um, yes, thank you; that's me!!!!!!

And then a highlight of our Disney trip happened.  It was so funny that I guess I'm going to have to share it...the Harry Potter ride is a simulated ride where your feet hang down, and there's nothing underneath your feet.  Amy had borrowed a pair of Katie's flipflops to wear that day, and when we got ready to take off, she decided she didn't want to wear them and possibly lose them.  So Daniel leans over to pick up her shoes, and somehow one of her shoes drops.  However, a hero was in our midst, and Jeremy grabbed the shoe between his feet and HELD ON TO THE SHOE for the entire could hear him yelling, "My hamstrings are killing me!!!!!!"  Just kidding...not really...that was another guy.  But, alas, the shoe was just too the very END of the ride, the shoe slipped between his feet and dropped into the dark abyss of Harry Potter land. make a long story short, if you lose your shoes on a ride at Universal, they actually provide you a new pair...and the new pair ended up being way cuter than the old pair {sorry, katie, but you know it's true}!  So I've decided next time I go to IoA, I'm losing a shoe (one that I really don't like anyway, of course).

{i've been dreaming of this ever since i first had it...harry potter's butterbeer (completely non-alcoholic, I promise!)...just wish i could find a copycat recipe!!!}

It really was a fun day, and I'm so glad we had a day like this towards the end of our trip...stay tuned for the last day of our Disney adventures!!  {and to see all of our Islands of Adventure fun, check out our shutterfly site here}

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