Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what we've been up to

this is supposed to be our "slow" season...from august to october we don't usually have a lot planned.  HOWEVER, lately it has been so busy...why is that?!  just thought i'd share a little bit of what's been going on in our neck of the woods.

{these are our "fun" school supplies...unfortunately we've been too busy to do anything "fun" yet...}

last thursday was NOT a good day...does anyone remember the shrill screaming that split the city of bartlett from around 10:15 to 10:20 a.m.?   that was twilight sparkle getting her kindergarten shots...she got six shots, and it was not pretty.  at that same appointment lilbit got her four- and six-month shots.  so not fun.

let's move on from that day...i have been a master crafter lately...

{all of the blue that you see here i painted!  wow!}

i have never really used spray paint before, but i really liked the way these things turned out...just a side note, though, when spray painting something, make sure you spray you note in the last picture, some of my paint ran on the blue vase because i sprayed too heavily.  you also need to sand first...the paint was hard to stick at the bottom of the gold vase because i didn't sand them down...all in all, though, for my first painting projects, i was pleasantly surprised, and the new things look great in my den.

moving on, hit up the farmer's market with amy a couple of weekends ago...amy took me out for the day for my birthday...we had so much fun walking around pretending like we like fruits & vegetables, and then we went to The Majestic to eat lunch.  it was very yummy and a very fun day!

{riding the trolley to the majestic}

lastly, doesn't God just exceed our expectations all the time?!  our car has been starting to show signs of breaking down...our tires need changing, it's been having trouble getting into drive (which we were told is probably the transmission...not good!), the passenger side floorboard has a bad leak in it (which we've not been able to locate where the leak is coming from), the service engine light is on...need i go on?  so drew and i talked about it, prayed about it, and decided it was time to sell the car.  that's always hard when your car is paid off.  but we just knew that was what needed to be done, so we went ahead and put it up for sell and started looking for a new vehicle. 

it is not easy buying a seven-passenger vehicle on a {very small} budget...finally we agreed that we were going to have to sacrifice something...either it was going to be really high miles, or it was going to be a car we hated, or it was going to have obvious wear and tear on know, basically i just KNEW we were not going to get a nice car.  HOWEVER, God can make a way when there seems to be no everyone singing that old hymn with me now?  it's one of drew's favorites...anyway, we found a car on craigslist that was lower than our budget.  it only has 44,000 miles on it.  it seats NINE, people...NINE!!  that's potentially four more babies!!!!  haha, just kidding...maybe not...we'll see.  so without further ado, meet my new car:

{loving my new Ford Expedition!}

i never even hoped for anything like's like brand older man bought it brand new and then got sick, and so it's not been driven very much.  you can tell by the way it drives! LOVE IT!

so that's what's been up at the murphy house lately...hope all is going well with you, my friends!  happy wednesday!!

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  1. nice car! :) i know that is a big burden off your shoulders! praise the Lord!


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