Wednesday, October 12, 2011

beach pictures!

i know i said that i would be back on monday, but...i lied.  things have been CRAZY around here trying to get back into the swing of life.  we are trying to get our house for sale by the end of the week, and that added to the fact that i had a TON of laundry from our trip, i'm trying to change out my kids' summer/winter wardrobes, we're trying to get back on our school schedule...well, it's just been a recipe for CRAZY.

anyway, i know i'm totally doing this backwards, but i really wanted to show you my pictures that we took of the {entire} family first.  we did this on the last day we were there, so it would be natural to show those last, but i just wanted to do it this way, so i am :)  so today you get to see our family really got dark fast once we got down to the beach, so it was hard to control the lighting in these pics...but for a group this big, i think we got some good ones!

it was tough just getting the kids corralled to get a picture...but after threatening them with death, they all sat {or stood} still for a few pics...

{i loved this one of murphy giving sadie some love...can't wait to meet that little girl!}

the sky was extremely beautiful while we were taking these pictures!

i was really upset with myself for not getting this one right...i forgot to change my manual mode and ended up getting quite a bit of blur...guess that's part of learning, but i hated it!  i also found a way to lighten up pictures through my GIMP {a free online photo editing program} and i have been lightening up a lot of these without losing the pretty colors...i'm just too lazy to do them all at once, so you're just seeing the originals of all of these pics :)

i could keep going forever, so i will spare you all the pictures and go ahead and post our {entire} family pictures...

we had a random passerby take this picture, and i was extremely grateful, but i really wish she would have zoomed in so that you could really see the faces...oh well...i thought this turned out to be a really cute picture, though!

so there they are...dontcha think they turned out great?  i was really pleased with our family pictures!!  and be assured, there's more FL fun coming your way soon...

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  1. LOVE them! stacy, you have such a beautiful family!! :)


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