Wednesday, January 4, 2012


my new pastor, Reverend Drew Murphy!

so crazy.  and awesome.  {crazy awesome}.  sorry, i just get caught up on a play of words sometimes.  it obviously doesn't take much to entertain me. 

anyway, there has been much debate over what he should be called...what do you think?  pastor drew?  bro. drew?  reverend drew?   preacher drew?  parson drew?  dr. drew?  not really...he doesn't have his doctorate.  so yeah, let me know what you think...he says people are going to just call him "drew" but i say that is completely inappropriate - and i actually had my previous pastor, pastor david, completely agree with me on that point.  i tried to convince him that he needs to pick out a name, but we will see what he decides.

so go ahead and humor me and cast your vote on his name.  i'll see if i can convince him of something based on blog votes :)

happy wednesday!


  1. After much thoughtful consideration and looking at the photo above, I feel led to the name Cowboy Drew. HAHA! Our Pastor's name is Chester Harrison (kinda a mouthful) so he has always gone by "Bro. C" and it fits him.

  2. Well, I have lots of things that I would like to call him...but I'm going to go with Pastor Drew.


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