Monday, February 13, 2012

a royal birthday bash

on saturday we celebrated kylie and kenzie's 8th and 6th birthdays.  even seeing that written out, i still cannot believe how old my girls are getting!  it is so hard seeing them getting older.  it makes my heart ache to think of the day when i will not have them underneath my roof anymore.  okay, so i digress about what this post is really supposed to be about...

i got really behind this year and so here we were, celebrating their birthdays in february {kylie's birthday is january 20th and kenzie's is january 3rd}.  but at least we celebrated!  we were on a very tight budget {$50 for the whole party!}, but i am proud to say i pulled it off.  and the best part about it was that on friday night after i had decorated the royal table, kylie looked at the table and said, "mom, you're the best decorator EVER!"  sweet.  and entirely untrue :-)  but what mattered is that she thought so.

here's a look at our fun little party...


it was a very simple party, with simple decor and simple food...everything came from the dollar store, and all we had for food was cupcakes {which i made} and ice cream.  we had princess outfits for all the girls to choose from, and a breastplate and a sword for knight murphy.  and as you can see from the pictures, kylie chose to be jasmine {is it because of the revealing costume?}, and kenzie chose to be a fairy {which isn't even a princess.  whatever.}  we also involved a little crafting into the party and all the kids made their own crown.  kylie and kenzie agreed later that this was "the best party ever."  mission accomplished.

happy monday :-)

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  1. What a sweet party. I love the smaller, less over the top way this is done and how much more special it is. We too are downsizing our parties. Laney's is in 10 days so I am working on a small budget/but special day for her. I may have to swipe some of your ideas here :)


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