Friday, April 27, 2012

just skip it

sometimes i get so tired of not having a picture of drew and me together that i take a chance and ask kylie to take one for me.  BAD IDEA, people.  let me just give you a look at what goes down when you ask your 8-year-old to take a picture...

occasion:  date night!  {the first of the year, we have been bad this year!}
goal: get a great pic of me & the hubs alone
result:  pic of psycho mom

oh. wow.  okay, as you can tell, THAT didn't work.  try again.

yeah.  okay, so...the point is that i be looking at the camera.  try again.  {does drew look like he may be picking up on the fact that i'm getting a little frustrated here?}

okay.  really?!  wait for me to sit down, for goodness sake!  forget it and just give me the camera!
but alas, all did not go as planned.  as she continued to take a thousand pictures, she nearly dropped the camera.  and got a great picture of THIS...

this is just a "mom's shining moment" at its best.  and i just LOVE that this is how date night started.  BUT...she did get one that was halfway decent.

i think next time we'll just skip it, tho!
have a great weekend :-)


  1. I am cracking up reading this! So funny!

  2. Oh YES, this is real life! On Easter I tried this with Laney and the result were several shots of MY HIPS!!! Could not delete them fast enough. I love this, but hey, fantastic that you got a date night


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