Wednesday, July 25, 2012

mama bear

so we have been {crazy} busy around here lately.  two weeks ago we went to florida, and then straight from that trip we had our first-ever VBS that fayette baptist put on in conjunction with the YMCA {more on that later}.  so it has been kinda insane.  but that is not what this post is about...

i have found over the last few weeks that i am kinda a mama bear....okay, i am REALLY a mama bear...i used to think "let your kids fight their own battles!", and "stay out of their arguments", etc., but two weeks ago i had a crazy thing happen that really made me see how insanely {over}protective i can be when it comes to my's how it went down...

we stopped at a chickfila right outside of panama city beach, fl while we were waiting for our condo to be cleaned {more on that later, too}.  of course, as soon as we got into the restaurant, the girls flew to the play area to play while we ordered their food.  they had been back there a few minutes when a girls' softball team came in.  now, we all know those 10-year-old kids who look like they're 15 who go back into the play wanna just go tell them that they have no business being in kiddie land if they're young adults.  but whatever.  being the sweet christian lady that i am, i let it go as i watched two giants go "play" with terrorize my kids.

BUT a few minutes after they were in there, i saw kylie, with a big grin on her face, talking to one of the girls, and all of a sudden, the little girl put her hands on her hips and started shaking her finger at kylie.  well that big grin slipped right off of kylie's face, and i could see her get really flustered, and she just walked away.  well right away i told drew i was going in to see what had happened.  to which he told me "sit down right now.  they're fine."  right.

so a few minutes later i look in there and i see the same girl all up in kenzie's face, shaking her finger in kenzie's face.  well, of course kenzie is nothing like kylie, and she just let it all hang out...she just started crying big crocodile tears.  and it was on.  it didn't matter anymore that i am 30 and they are probably 10.  all that matters is that they are being mean to my child.  i immediately made eye contact with kenzie and motioned for her to come out...when she came out, this is how the conversation went down...

ME:  kenzie, what just happened in there?
KENZIE:  {sniffling and crying} those girls just said that i was laughing at them, but i wasn't!  i promise!  i just wanted them to play with us!
ME: well, don't you worry about them.
KENZIE:  but the girl said, "well, it's PAYBACK TIME!"  and i said, "BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY!"

any other time i would have chuckled at this very funny statement, but I WAS MAD.  i was having a glaring contest with said 10-year-old until drew kicked my leg and said, "let it go!" why is it that you want to fight anyone who hurts your child? wow...i definitely need to work on loving my kids' enemies!

on another note, that sweet girl lost her first tooth!!!!  exciting times.

oh my. that picture's kinda scary; isn't it?

how could anyone be mean to that face?! 

happy wednesday!

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