Friday, August 17, 2012

moving, launch day, & school...oh, my!

so you know how the lord says he will not give you more than you can handle?  well, i'm almost at that point right now.  to say that i am overwhelmed is an understatement.  not only did we have launch day on sunday {which was really just the beginning, not the end...}, but we sold our house and closed on it on wednesday!  that means all week i have been feverishly packing in order to be out by tomorrow.  {sadly, that is not going to happen}.  add to all of that the fact that monday is our first day of school, and, well, you have a recipe for craziness!

so today i am thinking back to more enjoyable days...this was one of our family pics taken at the beach.  we had so much fun, and i wish i could be back on the beach right now enjoying the sunshine and relaxation. 

he is good to give us some rest before the storm, though; isn't he?!

happy weekend!

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