Tuesday, January 22, 2013

keep 'em close

so i am going to take a detour from my new york trip to tell about an incident that happened a couple of months ago...have you ever had a moment that just made you feel like you absolutely have no right to be a parent?  i had one of those not long ago.  true story.

one day not long before we moved into our new home, we had a family outing to do some shopping to buy new furniture for our house.  we just started making our way around to all of the local salvation armies, and just took our time looking.  we had been shopping all day, and the kids were starting to get a little antsy, and so we told them we only had one more stop to make.  by this point we were pretty far from home, not in a good area at all, and we were all pretty tired.  as we pulled into the parking lot, my phone rang, and it was my sister, and she began to tell me a very long story about something that had happened.  well, i got to talking and wasn't being very aware of my surroundings as we entered the store.  drew, meanwhile, had kolbie on his hip, and kylie {being the OVERLY cautious child that she is} probably had her arm handcuffed to his leg.  he got to looking at TV's {more specifically, the basketball game that was playing on the TV's}, and was not as aware of his surroundings as he should have been, either.  kenzie, on the other hand, had her eye on some little useless piece of nothing, and was wooed away by that little tiddly wink, and the next thing i know, drew is corralling us all up, and we walked out to the car and got in.  as we were pulling out of the parking lot, this conversation went down:

kylie:  "mom, where's kenzie?"
mom:  "haha, kylie, whatever."
kylie:  "no, really.  mom, she's not here."
mom:  "what?!?!?!?!"

at this point, drew took a turn on two wheels and flew up to the entrance of the store.  as i jumped out of the car, i vaguely recall him yelling out, "i'm praying!!!"  i cannot even tell you how hard my heart was pounding as i ran into that store.  i immediately started yelling, "kenzie!  kenzie!"  people were looking at me {and i'm sure they were thinking, 'another one of THOSE moms'...i looked up and down three or four rows, when all of a sudden i rounded a corner, and there, standing in the middle of a row, was kenzie, arms hanging at her sides, crying crocodile tears, saying "mooooooommy!"  i grabbed her up and hugged her, and told her that i was so sorry for being on the phone, for not watching where she was, for being a bad mom...and she patted my head and said, "it's okay, mommy; we all make mistakes".  and instead of making me feel better, that just made me feel worse.

then she proceeded to milk my forgetfulness for all it was worth...she asked me to sit in the back seat with her {which i did}, she said she was hungry {to which we stopped immediately to get her some McDonalds}, and she even coerced drew into letting her sleep with me that night!  i'm sure she thought it was totally worth getting lost when all was said and done.

moral of the story?  keep those babies close!

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