Friday, March 8, 2013

rainbow party!

a couple of weeks ago we celebrated kylie's 9th and kenzie's 7th birthday with a rainbow birthday party.  we always do a family birthday party, and this year was no different in that regard.  i worked really hard at keeping this birthday party affordable, and i spent under $30!  yay me :)

these were the invites:

 i didn't know how to just put a single one on here, but obviously i just sent one out per person :)  so my invitations were FREE because i made them myself, and we just handed them out this year, so that helped, too.

i made the rainbow cake myself, and that saved money!

the party food was kept very simple; rainbow colored snacks!  we had goldfish, skittles, m&ms, and rainbow chocolate chip cookies...

the girls asked if they could draw rainbow pictures to put out as decorations, and i was more than happy to oblige!

kylie's picture:

kenzie's picture:

the girls got a ton of great gifts, and had a lot of fun playing with their cousins.

 so i guess it's proof that a huge party with a huge cake and tons of food and beautiful decorations don't really matter when it's all said and the end of the party, both the girls said this was the!  and that's all i'm going for, anyway.  so we were all happy at the end of the day :)

happy friday :-)

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