Thursday, April 25, 2013


for our vacation, we ended up going to branson, missouri.  we had talked about the possibility of several different places, but after looking at all of them and figuring up costs and what we would be able to do with the money we had, we realized branson was our best bet.  we always have a really great time at branson, and this year was no different!  we got a package deal for under $300 that included two nights stay at a hotel that has an indoor waterpark, two large pizzas, two free shows, and a round of mini golf.  that was good enough to seal the deal for us!

we left early thursday morning, and when we got there, the girls were immediately ready to hit the waterpark!  they did stop long enough for me to get a picture of them on the bed, though...

after they had posed for me, they very quickly changed into their swimming suits.

 {sorry for the bad quality, but some of these vacation pics were taken on my phone!}  we went ahead and headed down to the waterpark, and were all pretty impressed with how big it was.  it had a small kiddie area that was perfect for kolbie, a large "fort" area with two huge slides and a huge waterbucket that would drop on the kids every 15 minutes, two hot tubs - one for the adults and one for kids, a lazy river, and a pool with a couple of basketball goals in it. 



you see that little person crouching under all that water?  that's kylie, the indoor waterpark was was basically only us and about three or four other families on thursday, so it was really perfect.  the girls had the whole place basically to themselves, and they played their hearts out.

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