Tuesday, June 18, 2013


me and my sisters {well, two of them} took dad out for father's day last night.  i'm getting to where i really enjoy doing that more than having a big get-together, because we get to treat dad, along with getting a little bit more "alone" time with him, which doesn't happen often when you have three sisters and there are 10 grandkids...

we went to cheddars and just spent a fun time talking and getting advice from dad about life {who better to get advice from; right?}.  i'm pretty sure amy called drew to find out what i was wearing and just did the opposite {she didn't want to look EXACTLY like me...she knew that would be too obvious...}

i was thinking of all the little things that my dad did for me growing up that really were "big" things, because they just showed me how much he cared.  here are just a few...

1) he never let me drive on the interstate.  {really, pretty much up until i got married, i was driving about 30 minutes out of my way everywhere i went, just because he didn't want me to drive on the interstate}
2) he always filled my car up with gas. {i've tried to guilt drew with that one, but it doesn't really work}
3) he made our home life fun {we always had a pool, or land to run around on, or played games as a family or just spent time together on vacations...life was FUN}
4) my friends always LOVED him {which is a big deal for a teenager...but my friends always loved to be around my dad...}
5) he loved mom and demanded that we respect her...i love that even now in this season of their life where they're all alone together, they're still dating and going on trips together...he set a high bar for what i expect from drew, and i'm proud and happy to say that i ended up with a guy that is just the same!

i love my dad and am SO blessed to have been raised by him.  he's the best.dad.ever!

hope you said a "thank you" to your dad on father's day!  it's a special day for someone who has a very special job :)

happy tuesday!

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