Monday, May 18, 2015

Life Lately

Life lately has been random but fun.  Just wanted to capture some of these fun memories.

A sweet lady from our church came over a couple of days ago and taught the girls how to cross stitch.  They have been wanting to learn for a long time (well, more than anything I think they've been wanting to use a needle, ha!), and so this was a great opportunity, to be able to spend some time with one of our sweet church members who doesn't get to get out very often, as well as learn a new skill!  I have been loving watching them work so hard on their pieces.  We all really enjoyed our afternoon!!

(Don't you just love Kolbie's face?  She's so crazy!)  A couple weeks ago we took a field trip with the Fayette Baptist Homeschool Support group.  We went to the Museum of Biblical History in Collierville.  To be honest, I didn't even know that this place existed, but it was really neat!  There were a ton of really neat biblical artifacts, and the tour guide was very knowledgeable.  We also got to see how the first Bibles were printed and even took home our very own copy of Psalm 23 in Hebrew!  It was pretty cool.

 Drew and I had an awesome double date last week with some friends from church:  they took us to the 2nd Grizzlies vs. Warriors game!!!  We had a blast.  It was really the best game we had ever been to.  Nevermind the next three games; that game was the best ever.  We were so excited to get to go!

We realized our small town has a little library and we have been enjoying taking trips up there every couple of weeks.  And I totally enjoy the quiet that comes from these trips! :)
Kolbie has become quite the little artist...Kenzie has taken up skateboarding, and so of course Kolbie had to draw herself on a skateboard and I think she did a pretty good job!
We went to the mall a couple weeks ago and I realized I had a couple of free coupons to ride the carousel.  This was pretty much the because we never go to the mall, and when we do we are in a hurry to get out, so the kids thought this was a real treat! 
Life lately has been random, yes, but good!  Love all these little moments that make for big fun!
Happy Monday :) 

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