Friday, July 29, 2011

creative correction, summer savings, and disturbing developments

okay, just a warning: this may be the most random post i've ever written.  so if you're brave enough to plod on ahead, here goes...first of all, i'm all about trying out new things when it comes to discipline.  i totally 100% believe in's biblical, people.  i also believe in things in addition to spanking.  for example, we have a trouble you've probably guessed, that's where the kids go when they're in trouble!!!  good for you, smart friend...
{it's hard to imagine these adorables ever getting in trouble; right?  Ha!  WRONG!}

anyway, a couple of things that i'm implementing or will be implementing that i really like:

*a timer!  twilight sparkle is the world's worst about taking her own sweet time when doing any of her chores - whether it's folding towels, drying dishes, cleaning her room, making her name it, she is gonna take so much time that finally I was saying, "kylie, go help her finish it up!" totally not fair.  so i started using a timer this week.  every job has a time limit...if it's not done, it's punishment.  this has worked GREAT!!  i'm really liking this one.

*money!  now, we have always been against "allowances"...we feel that we are a "team" around here:  dad goes to work every day for the team.  i cook dinner, clean the house, do the laundry - okay, i could go on and on, but i won't - for the team.  the girls do their chores for the team.  we're all in this together.  however, i think this is a great idea and we are about to implement it and the girls are excited about it:  at the beginning of the week we are giving them $3.00 in quarters (we are going to make "banks" for them at the beginning of next week, which they are also excited about).  i will also make me a bank.  anytime they get in trouble, whine {insert whatever your kids do here that drives you crazy}, they have to give me one of their quarters.  at the end of the month they may do whatever they like with their money that they have left.  great idea, huh?!

okay, so moving on to disturbing developments...lilbit is killing me - she had her first "big girl bath" last night...

yep, no baby tub anymore - she is such a big girl...not to mention in september she turns a year old.  i just really cannot take anymore of can just tell in this next picture how much she hated her bath...

{i love it when they're all fresh & clean & smell like baby lotion!}

lastly, a little treat for you, my friends...shutterfly is having a sale on their photo books...all photo books are 40% off when you use this code:  Book40.  use it, friends.  it's a great deal.  this offer ends August 3.  now i feel like i'm a saleswoman...have a great friday!!

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