Monday, August 1, 2011

Disney Day 5: Sea World

Sea World was our worst Disney experience by far.  I really enjoy Sea World; however, it was impossible to enjoy that day for many, many reasons.  One of the reasons was because Drew & I and the girls got disconnected from the rest of the family that day, and so we had to do that day alone (and I learned that day that I would never want just me & Drew to take the kids to an amusement park while our kids are at this young of an age!).  We had absolutely no help and it made for a very long (and frustrating) day. 
Lilbit's happy at this point, but this is before we got disconnected from the group...

Lilbit enjoying some love from PawPaw

Other issues included:  someone took Kylie's shoes when she was at a kiddie playland and so she had no shoes for the remainder of the day; we found out our double stroller (which we borrowed from someone!) was broken and so only one child could use it (which obviously turned out to be Lilbit); we lost Twilight Sparkle twice (it was only for a period of about one minute each time, but it felt like two hours and we were definitely frantic - not to mention that the whole park probably heard her yell out "y'all need to quit losing me!!"...mother of the year award yet again); we scarfed down our lunch just to be able to make the Shamu show, which we still ended up missing because it was full by the time we made it over there; the park only had one nursing station and so no matter where we were I had to truck it all the way over to the front of the park just to feed Lilbit; and Drew for some reason kept on ganking Kenzie on the back of the heel with the was a really bad day.

Entering the shark exhibit, this sign is what greets you...

These sharks in the tunnel above you really freaked me out a little...

However, it was fun feeding the dolphins...definitely a challenge, though, because I was trying to get pictures of the girls feeding while helping them lean far enough over the ledge to actually feed them.  The k's also loved the shamu show.  I loved watching their faces while they watched the whales doing all the tricks. 

We all LOVED petting & feeding the dolphins!

Dad & his sweet girls watching the shamu show

All in all, there were parts of the day that were okay, but I was definitely glad to pull out of that park at the end of the day!  Disney Day 5 left me hoping there weren't two days left just like this one...

My favorite picture of the girls at the was a really beautiful park!

Getting a picture without the kids!

 For all the details of Disney Day 5, check out our Shutterfly site here.

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