Monday, July 11, 2011

oh so different

almost daily i am reminded how different kylie and kenzie's crazy that two kids with the same parents can have such totally different personalities!  yesterday i was reminded yet again...before i give you the details of a convo that went down between the two k's, i have to give a little background: in children's church there is a video the kids watch called little k.  now, i'm not really sure what little k is all about, but for the longest time, kylie LOVED little k.  however, not long ago she informed me that she "just doesn't like little k anymore!"  mkay...i'm sure it has to do with the fact that she is now going into 2nd fast forward to last night.

kylie:  mom, we have these new mission videos we watch and they are AWESOME!!!  it's perfect, because kenzie likes little k, and i like the mission videos!
mom:  well,that's good, Kylie.  what are the mission videos about?
kylie:  oh, they're --
kenzie:  BOOOOOOORING!!!
mom:  (rather aghast)  kenzie, that's ugly!
kenzie:  well, they are!
kylie:  no, they're not.  they're about people who take food and water and clothes to people who don't have anything, and they tell the people about Jesus.
mom:  well, i think that's great.
kenzie:  not really.  i mean, i went to the bathroom twice during the mission video because it was so BORING! guess alls you can do is accept that they're just cut from a different cloth...and go with it...

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