Saturday, July 16, 2011

A week of friends, fun & family

So everyone knows how bummed I was when I found out I wasn't going to get to go to Florida with Drew this last week.  After I wiped away the tears, though, I decided that I was going to plan a totally FUN week so that it would go by quickly and so that we wouldn't even miss laying out on the beach every day!  And I have to say, we had a really fun, really great week.  Here's just a recap of what all we did this week:

*Monday we got to hang out with Michelle & her littles - the girls had such a great time hanging out and playing on the awesome playground at her parents' home!  Kolbie fell in love with Baby Asher, and I had a great time hanging with Michelle and getting to catch up on all of life that has happened since we last got together.  

{we still got to play in the sand...except it was TN sand, not FL sand!}

But that wasn't all we did Monday!!  Remember slumber parties when you were 15?  Totally fun; right?  I got to to go to a slumber party at Amy's Monday night!!!  Except I'm 30 and had three kids with me!!  We met Amy at ChickFilA for dinner, and me and Amy got to talk and hang out while the girls played on the playground.  After that we went over to Amy's and hung out for a while and then put the girls to and Amy stayed up and watched Letters to Juliet (which I really liked).  Midway through the movie Kolbie decided that she was NOT going to sleep in the DRAWER that I had rigged as a makeshift bed for her and so she finished the rest of the movie with us...RUDE, I know...

{did she really think that face was going to get her anywhere?  okay, okay, it got her into my lap!}

*Tuesday we hung out with Natalie & her littles and had a swim day - we had so much fun Tuesday!  The kids hung out really well together and had a fun time swimming (and me and Natalie had a great time catching up, had been a really long time since we've sat down and talked!).  We came back to my house around noon and ate lunch and the kids watched Brave Little Toaster while me & Natalie discussed everything that came to mind...

*Wednesday was NOT a great day...well, the first half of the much so that I'm not even going to discuss the first was our regular swim day over at Katie's...moving on to Wednesday came to have a slumber party at our house on Wednesday night!!  We ate Tops for dinner (no barbecue for me!) and watched Gnomeo & Juliet (another great movie!).  After we put the girls to bed, me & mom watched Did You Hear About the Morgans (wow, another great movie! (when watched on Clearplay)).  I think I watched more movies this week than I usually do in a whole month!

*Thursday we spent the day swimming with mom in our pool, and then on Thursday night we went to dinner with Papa & Nana and Uncle TJ and KK and Murphy & Uncle Jason...what a fun time!  We haven't hung out with them in a while, so it was a lot of fun!  We missed Aunt Alex, tho!

*Friday we spent the morning with Natalie & her littles and Kristen & her littles...lots of kiddos running around the house - eight, to be exact!  We reminisced about how we used to be able to hang out without any disruptions and how it is crazy to now hang out with so many little ones all was a really fun time of catching up and promises were made to do it again soon (and maybe even without the kids!). 

We spent the rest of Friday cleaning up the house and preparing for D-man to be home...and around midnight, he walked in the door!!!  So glad to have the man of the house home!  It was a really fun week, and I was reminded of how blessed I am to have friends & family to connect with.  Hope you had a great week, as well!!

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