Monday, August 15, 2011


there are changes taking place around our you notice anything different about twilight sparkle?

you probably guessed it from the arrow pointing to her earring...the rule around our house is that you have to wait until you're 5 to get your ears pierced.  well, when twilight turned 5 she didn't want her ears thank you; it's gonna hurt.  she didn't want any part of that.  we definitely weren't going to make her.  on saturday we had to drive into town to do some shopping...on the long drive out there, twilight announced, "hey, i wanna get my ears pierced!"  to which i replied, "really? when?"  to which she replied, "right now!"  so drew said, "okay, let's go!"  we went up to the mall, and this is how it all went down:

{kylie held ts's hand for moral support, while a random passerby watched, wishing she could tell TS what was really about to happen...}

and then THIS:

yeah, it didn't go so well.  they were going to pierce both ears at the same time, but twilight pulled back while they were piercing, and so they were only able to pierce one.  so they had to go back and pierce the second one.  that was not good.  however, an hour later she was good...after ice cream and los pilares and promises of more treats to parenting, people.

another change for this beautiful monday:

first day of school!  btw, they did pick out their own outfits...i think this year we will be going over mixing colors & patterns...what think you?  i am so glad they are so excited about fact, it's noon and we are already done with twilight's first day, and are almost done with Kylie's...why are changes so bittersweet?  happy monday!

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