Monday, August 29, 2011

prepare to be disturbed. introducing Drew the Lady

okay, i'm warning...only proceed with this blog post if you're down with being totally disturbed.  so with that warning out of the way, on friday night kylie had her first "big girl slumber party".  we had five girls come over, so there were seven little girls running around our house from 6pm on friday to 10am on saturday.  let me say first that kylie told me that she had the most amazing time ever.  and kenzie told me that it was the funnest slumber party she's ever had (which is good, since it's the only one we've ever had).

drew made a promise earlier in the week to the girls that he was really hoping they would forget (why would he think that?  he has three girls, and knows that little girls have minds like steel traps)...needless to say, the first thing EVERY girl said when they came in was, "when are we going to put make-up on your dad?!"  yeah, they were ready to go.  let me just say before i post the pictures that my husband is a REALLY good sport.  i mean, he single-handedly made the night a success.  so, without further ado, meet Drew the Lady: 

and then things got a little crazier (if that's possible)...the girls had the great idea to put fingernail polish on as make-up...and again, he was a great sport and took it all in stride....

the girls were extremely proud of their masterpiece...and drew spent the next 40 minutes in the shower trying to get everything off...last night in church i went to hold his hand and had to laugh a little at the remnants of fingernail polish on his man in his suit and tie and fingernail that guy, and love that he made kylie's first sleepover such a fun night to remember :)  happy monday!

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  1. HA! the lipstick really makes his eyes just shine! ;) love this…& love those girls!


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