Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a lilbit of nothin'

about two weeks ago lilbit and twilight sparkle had doctor's appointments on the same day {and i made a mental note to not do that again when we have shots on the agenda for the both of them}.  it was not a good appointment on any level:  twilight had six shots and proved to the whole clinic that we have an animal on our hands, and lilbit was off the charts {unfortunately not in a good way}.  at lilbit's 11-month appointment (am i the only one whose children have 11 month appointments?...i guess that's what happens when you miss the "routine" appointments}, we were told that lilbit is not even on the growth chart...she weighs 14 pounds.  yes, people, she will be a year old in two weeks and weighs 14 pounds.  oh.my.

remember how that last time i went to the doctor she was in the 75th percentile as far as her length {just pretend like you do} and i was wondering how it could be that we have a "long/tall" child?  yeah, that's changed, too...she's now in the 5th percentile.  she has gained 7 pounds since she was born and has grown one and a half inch {let me insert here that developmentally she's exactly where she needs to be.  also insert a sigh of relief}.  so basically our goal is to fatten up lilbit.  i'm almost sure she thinks she's died and gone to heaven...she's had mashed potatoes, peas, corn, pancakes, sweet tea - you name it, she's had it since her doctor's appointment.  we're still nursing at breakfast, lunch, dinner and right before she goes to bed {and eating at those times, too}, but she's just having all manner of food in between those times.  we go back to the doctor in a month...at that time they will reweigh her, and if she has not gained two pounds by that time, they will begin doing tests on her to be sure she doesn't have any kind of malnutrition problems...needless to say, it's on.  she ain't gonna weigh a lilbit of nothin' much longer...

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