Wednesday, September 21, 2011

12 months of pure sweetness

today is lilbit's birthday...i am completely convinced that time flies.  it seems like just yesterday i was bringing home my little bundle of cuteness.  and now, here it is a year later, and we're celebrating 12 months!

just a look back:

coming home from the hospital, September 2010

October 2010
November 2010
December 2010
January 2011
February 2011
March 2011

April 2011
May 2011
June 2011
July 2011
August 2011
September 2011
as you can see from the pics above, this lil thing just gets cuter and's downright shameful to be this adorable!

Lilbit, right now you:

*weigh 14 pounds...{we really need to work on this ;)}
*are nursing at morning and night only, and are eating "real" foods basically won't touch any baby food!
*almost always sleep throught the night
*are putting EVERYTHING in your mouth....yes, there was a day not long ago that you had a spider dangling out of your mouth...he was dead, but it was still a spider.  and it scared the junk out of me and made me want to puke.
*say da-da, mama, night night, bye bye, and ky-ky
*play peek-a-boo by putting your hands over your ears when I say "where's Kolbie", and then wave them when I say "there she is!"  {we are working towards moving the hands over the eyes}
*go spastic in the morning when we come into your room to wake you up {it could be because all three of us - kylie, kenz, and me - come in singing "good morning to you" every day} 
*are my precious little baby girl and i love you soooo much!

can't wait to see what the next years hold for this sweet baby girl!! 
Happy Birthday, Kolbie Kay Murphy!

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