Monday, September 19, 2011

toy story fun

yesterday at church was bring a friend day, and the church went with the toy story theme.  so the kids were told they could dress up if they wanted as their favorite toy story character.

just a look at my two cuties:

kylie looked much more like toy story barbie without the skirt on, but there was NO WAY she was wearing the leggings without the's days like these i'm reminded how big she's getting!  i couldn't find leg warmers anywhere, so i just found an old play shirt in the attic and cut off the sleeves...worked like a charm!

kenzie LOOOVED playing jessie...she has had an obsession with jessie for a while, so it was obvious that that was going to be her choice.  she was just really upset that her outfit didn't look more like the real thing.

and, of course, before i put up my camera, she insisted that we take this that crazy kid...

happy monday!

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