Monday, September 12, 2011

major changes

i hate to post this late in the day, but it's been cuh-ray-zy, and i've had technical difficulties. 
i still want to go ahead and share, because i have important news...

as most of you already know, there are major changes taking place in the life of our family.  yesterday drew resigned from his position as student minister at the church we have been ministering at for the last eight years. {!}  God has been doing a work in our lives over the past year and a half, and over the past three months He has affirmed to us that He has called us to plant a church in a nearby community.  so many emotions going on right now:  excitement at what is in store, fear over the uncertainty of the future, sadness over leaving our church family...i could go on and on!  most of all we are so humbled by this, and there is a great sense of not being able to comprehend why He would ever allow US to be a part of something so awesome.  He reminds me constantly that His ways are not our ways...i honestly NEVER saw church planting as a part of our future!

we really need your prayers right now.  it is a season of change for us.  and can i be honest?  i am NOT good with change.  in fact, several months ago we took a church planter's assessment {a test, basically}, and one of my worst scores was in the area of change.  i like things to stay the same.  i am scared of change.  but you know what is so neat about all of this?  i have a peace that passes all understanding about this path God is leading us down...that's not to say that i didn't get completely emotional yesterday when drew announced his resignation in the service {of course, i didn't cry until we got into his office...i am not one to show emotions in front of people ;)}...that's not to say that uncertainty doesn't grip me at times {for example, how will this affect my kids?; this scares me from a financial standpoint; will we be able to sell our house that we're in now?; what if we are unable to reach the people of the community?  did i mention finances?}  but when all is said and done, there is just a peace that we are following God's plan {not our own}, and that His hand will be on us.

so you may be wondering how you can pray for us at this point...please pray for our youth as they accept this change in our lives, which will ultimately bring about change to their lives.  please pray for the K's, as everything they know about church is about to drastically change.  please pray for me that I will cast all my cares {worries} on Him.  please pray for Drew as he seeks God's will for our family and for our new church.

our last day at our church will be December perfect, the beginning of a new year marks the beginning of a new chapter of my family's life.  today as we were listening to some music, a song came on...didn't even realize kylie was listening until she said, "mom, that song is about what we're gonna do with our new church!  that's our family's song!"  i instantly added it to my's the song on my playlist called "Follow You" neat that our kids are walking this path with us and understand what God is doing with our family.  i can't wait to tell you more in the coming weeks and months about what God is doing in our life!

and just a little sneak peek at what i will be sharing with you tomorrow...Saturday was Lilbit's First Birthday party!!!

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