Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my birthday girl!

saturday we celebrated Lilbit's first birthday...her actual birthday is September 20, but we went ahead and celebrated since the weekend of her birthday, all of the family will be in Texas visiting Julie & my new nephew, Jett!  i was SOOO excited about having an outside birthday party, since we have always been forced to do an inside party {both older K's were born in January!}.  i was even more excited because of the fact that every morning leading up to the party was chilly - i mean, really, like, pull out your sweatshirt chilly.  however, in true murphy fashion, the day of the party dawned hot.  now, it wasn't hot like it has been thru the summer, but hot for an outside party.  frustrating.  but thankfully it was a beautiful day. 

the theme of the party was 'look whooo's turning one' {and the underlying theme was keep it simple}.  i did my own decorating this year and didn't worry with everything being all matchy matchy and didn't worry with party favors and stuff that really didn't matter to lilbit.  it was nice for a change.  i wanted the whole party to just be laid back and enjoyable, which i think it was {aside from the 85 degree weather}.  so here are some pics of the little shindig:

i put out this adorable footstool that has {you guessed it!} owls on the sides and on the top...it held lilbit's invitation, her one year scrapbook, and a mini photobook of the day at the hospital and the first few days of her being in our home.  it was a cute addition to the table.

i loved these pom poms that i made...super easy, and you can make them with things you probably already have lying around (tissue paper and something to twist around the middle - i used some crafting flower stems!}  the tutorial is found HERE.  {just a side note: i found that blog through googling how to create pom poms, so i have no idea what else is found on there :)}.

her cake turned out adorable and was delicious {cream cheese icing with strawberry cake}:

i also made this adorable styrofoam owl...he was easy to make but took a little time {and i actually messed up on him but he still turned out cute}...found the tutorial HERE.  of course, twilight sparkle got mad because he is now residing in Lilbit's bedroom...she said, "why does lilbit get the little bird?  she always gets everything."  right.

i wanted all of my stuff on the table to match, so i bought the little vases from the dollar store and spray painted them white.  i created paper flowers from scrapbooking paper, and they turned out cute!  also created the little stand that the owl is sitting on...i will definitely be making more of these in different colors to use to lay out food on.  all i did was buy a small plate from the dollar store and spray paint the bottom {not the top if you're using it for food!}.  the base is a small glass sundae cup from the dollar store which i also spray painted.  i then turned the sundae cup upside down, hot glued it to the bottom of the plate, stuck a heavy book {actually used my bible :)} on top overnight, and ta-da, a very cute new dish {in the color of your choice!}. 

sorry for the crafting tips...back to the party...a pic of me & the birthday girl...

aunt katie made her adorable shirt, which said, Look Whooo's 1!  turned out really cute...why is it so hard to get her to smile in her pictures?! 

pawpaw brought his 4-wheeler, which everyone seemed to really enjoy...the birthday girl got her ride on...

i think she liked her cake...

lilbit racked up in the gifts department {it looked like christmas around here!}, and it was really great being able to spend the day with our families.  all in all, it was a really special day for a really special little girl.

hope you all had a great weekend!

*to see all of the pictures from Lilbit's birthday party, check out our family site HERE.*

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