Friday, September 2, 2011

some things change & some things always stay the same...

something that will probably always stay the same around here: kylie always gets to be the best in whatever the girls are playing.  over the last two days, they have been playing "queen" and "the queen's wolf".  guess who's the queen?  and guess who's the wolf?  {betcha didn't even have to think about it!!!}
Queen Kylie...and Queen Kylie with her wolf, Kieta
{and note here that something about this dynamic has changed a little:  kenzie informed me that she is not to be called twilight sparkle anymore; her new name is kieta}  don't ask me where she got that, but she's insistent.  when i came to pick her up from her class wednesday night, the preschool director said, "while you get kolbie, i'll get kieta."  i guess i just have to go with it.

another change:  a new do!  the ONE bad thing about having babies for me is that i lose my hair...and eventually, no matter how long i've been trying to grow out my hair, and no matter how much i've promised that i WILL NOT cut my hair, i give in because of the thinness of my hair.  so here's the new look:

please note that kylie took these pictures...we had to take about six...the first three i barely made it into the picture, and then kieta thought it would be funny to run behind me and mess up my hair...arrrrrrr...finally got a decent one.

happy friday!

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  1. Love your hair! :) hope that you have a good weekend! call me sometime so we can plan a crafternoon. ;)


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