Tuesday, November 1, 2011

beach photo shoot

okay, so we're back to more florida pictures!  one of the most important things to me while we were on this trip was to get some pictures of my family on the beach.  i know that's kinda crazy, but i love pictures, and i love the ocean, and we've never had pictures taken on the beach...so, yeah, all of that added together made me really, really want to get some family pictures while we were there.

so with that being said, let me say here that the only way that our pictures were made possible was because of my sweet sister-in-law, Kristen.  she took all of our pictures for us, and i thought they turned out fantastic.  they really couldn't have been any better!!  so thank you so much, kristen {and you too, tj, for holding kolbie, and corralling the girls, and watching kolbie and murphy at the same time :)}!

here are a few of my favorites:

i promise she's only seven...doesn't she look so old here?!  mommy no likey.

i know, i know, she's looking older, too...you don't have to tell me!

even my baby is looking old...instead of making me happy, this post is kinda depressing me now...

here are a couple of me & my honey...

i know you've never seen a picture like this where the couple is walking down a beach hand in hand gazing off into the sunset...it's called creativity, people...

i was really pleased with how our family pictures turned out.  here are my two favorites...

i'm thinking of framing one of the last two so i need your opinion...which is your favorite? 

so there you have our family beach pictures.  if you wanna see a few more that i didn't add on here, you can check out the rest of our family photo shoot in my Ft. Walton album HERE.

happy tuesday!

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