Wednesday, December 14, 2011

as many of you know, the whole reason i created this blog is because i wanted to have a journal of some sort for my girls.  i love my shutterfly, but i cannot print out my entries at the end of the year, so it doesn't really help me as far as journaling.   i know that one of my gifts for christmas is a blog2print giftcard.  i can't wait to see my blog in print!  the girls love opening the computer and saying, "mom, read me a story about me!"  so i know they're going to love having a book that they can open and look at the pictures and read the stories about what is happening in our life.

with that being said, i have a few journal entries from last year that i really wanted to add.  i know all of you have already read these entries, so it will be nothing new to you.  but i want these memories to be written down, so just bear with me as i end out 2011 with some of my most fond 2010 memories!  the first one was my UPS man experience.  this was recorded december 22, 2010...

Okay, so I have decided that my girls will definitely be the death of me, one way or the I had a major scare that almost made me have a heart attack...Drew was out trying to find my Christmas present (which we all need to pray he finds it tomorrow so I will get it =)), and I was taking a shower when Kylie busted into the bathroom.  She said, "Mom, there's a man who's trying to get in our door!"  Well of course I become frantic and say, "DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!  Get Kenzie and get back here!"  I'm busy trying to jump out of the shower and make it in the den to save Kolbie when Kylie busts back into the bathroom and says, "Too late; Kenzie opened the door for him!"  Oh, my...I thought I was about to have a stroke, right there.  As I'm pulling a towel around me frantically, Kenzie comes casually walking into the door with a box in her hand.  She said, "Don't worry, Mom, it was just the school man (they call the UPS man the school man, because he always brings Kylie's school books to us).  But I told him he can't come in because you're naked!"  And at that I really nearly did faint dead away!!

there's the culprit!
great memory :)  happy wednesday.

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