Tuesday, December 13, 2011

hello, i'm the christmas craftmaster...

i have to say i'm a little proud of myself for today's post...i'm not exactly a crafty person, so what you're about to see was a bit of a victory for me.  as well as not being a crafty person, i'm also not a person who googles instructions and ideas about how to do things {and, gasp!, i do not have a pinterest, so i can't get ideas from there, either!}. so the fact that this craft worked straight from my brain is especially a miracle!  no matter how easy a craft may look, typically it ends up being difficult for me, and i end up being frustrated and my kids are looking at me with that, "why do i have the only mom that can't get this right?" look.  or maybe it just all goes back to the fact that i am extremely craft-challenged.

anyways, my kids have long had an obsession with snowglobes.  i don't really know where this obsession came from, but they are crazy about snowglobes...in their room right now they have 12 snowglobes between the two of them...and if we even began to try to count how many snowglobes have "died" from their handling of them, well, we couldn't count how many snowglobes my kids have owned.  here's a look at kylie & kenzie's snowglobe "christmas" collections...

so when my kids told me they were DYING to make snowglobes {special agent oso made them on the disney channel}, naturally my first instinct was, "oh, that's gonna be easy....jar, water, fake snow, glue...easy!"  and i was right for once!  i'm sure there's a better way to do this, but i can just about promise this is the easiest way, and it works, so here is the way we made our snowglobes...

1.  gather the supplies...

*fake snow {it would probably look much better without the "blizzard" effect that the fake snow causes, but the girls really wanted a ton of snow...
*figurines for inside the snowglobe
*waterproof glue {although my picture shows gorilla glue, that is not what i ended up using...i used e6000, and that worked completely fine...as long as it says waterproof, i think whatever you used would be fine}
*water :)
*jars {i liked these that came from hobby lobby better than the mason or ball jars, because there was no writing on the outside}

2.  gather your workers {although yours probably definitely won't be as adorable as mine, any little hands will do the job}

 3) get to work! i didn't take pictures step by step, but i simply started out by gluing my figurine to the bottom of the jar.  we let it sit overnight to get it secure.  the next morning we filled our jars with water, filled the water with glitter {kenz called it "fairy dust"}, added in the snow for the blizzard effect, and put on the top!  now, initially we found that the jar was not leak resistant, so we would have leaks when we shook our snowglobes. so i just took the tops off, wiped off all traces of water, put the e6000 all around the lid, put the lid back on, and that has magically taken care of all leaks!!

so now i have children that think i'm "the bomb mom" and we have cute little snowglobes we can keep that we made ourselves.  yep, i'm definitely officially now the christmas craftmaster!

have fun christmas crafting away!  happy tuesday :-)


  1. oooh! love this! where did you find that glue? way to go craftmaster!!!

  2. i got the glue at wal-mart...and thinking back, i may have used a little e6000 AND a little craft glue...just use something that is waterproof! it was a lot of fun :)


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