Monday, February 27, 2012

date night

so i know i have been on a blogging break.  unintentional, but it was still quite a break.  but i'm back.  at least for today. :-)

i'm not the only one around our house who gets the privilege of awesome dates with THE drew murphy.  at least one night a month drew takes the girls on separate dates.  he always lets them choose where they want to go {within reason; one night kylie told him she wanted him to take her to the opera house and he had to say no}.  in february kylie chose to go to mcdonalds and then to baskin robbins.  needless to say, she is easier to please than her momma.

on date night, i let the girls pick out their outfits and tell me how they want their hair done.  kylie made sure to take her little purse with her on her date; she is a big girl now, and a big girl does not leave the house without a purse!

kenzie chose to go to chickfila on her date.  it just so happened that on the night of her date they had a woman painting kids' faces, and so she was transformed into a butterfly when she came back!

as a side note, i thought it was kinda funny that twilight instructed drew to go change his clothes into something nicer...he was dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants like he was for kylie's date, and she said absolutely not!!  now, that's more like her momma...

i think my girls are pretty blessed to have a daddy who takes them out on date nights!
happy monday :)

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