Wednesday, February 15, 2012

prepare to be amazed.

i am one of those people who can do a lot of random things fairly well, but can't do anything really well.  can anyone relate to that?  i can play the guitar, but not really well.  i can take pictures, but not really well.  i can sing, but not really well.  i can craft, but not really well.  i can cook, but not really well.  it's just a pattern in my life.  it is kinda a hard decision: would you rather be able to do one thing exceptionally well, or to do many things fairly well?  i don't know...

anyway, i say all that to say that i have taken up sewing.  i am taking a sewing class, and i have learned a lot in just four lessons.  however, one thing that is very bad about me is that i am extremely impatient.  if i pick up a new hobby or craft, it is hard for me to wait to learn it.  so i usually just barge on ahead, trying to figure out things on my own.  this can be good and bad.  last week after my class i got home and just decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands.  my dress was coming along incredibly slowly {because i was only getting a little bit done in each class session}, so i decided i could just finish it on my own.

an hour and a half later i picked up my sewing machine manual to try to figure out why my top thread was getting eaten up by the bottom of my machine.  it was extremely frustrating, but i did eventually finish my dress.  and it was extremely rewarding because i finished it on my own.  it has a lot of areas where seams are not straight and where thread is doubled over for some odd reason, but i was so excited to see a finished product.  stephanie t., please do not look too closely at this dress.  i know you are the sewing guru, and i totally have plans to email you with many, many questions.

so without further ado, my new creation...

aren't you amazed?
happy wednesday :-)

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  1. I think it's adorable!!! & I assure you that even after all the things I have made, I still tell people not to look too closely b/c I'm sure there are seams that aren't straight or places that aren't "just right"! I like to think it adds character :) Email away! I'd love to help (or point you to blogs where other people can help!!)


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