Thursday, March 29, 2012

my artsy animal

i know i have been like the worst blogger ever.  wait, never mind.  that award goes to my sister {nothing like ripping on someone who is in the hospital; right?}.  i'm hoping that what she brings home from the hospital will inspire her to update her little space of the internet.  anyway, that is not even what this post is about, so i will move on...

don't you love that picture?!  animal has become obsessed with picture taking...i guess like mother, like daughter.  it is so cute to watch her...she has been seen squatting down really close to a flower to take a picture, sitting precariously on a fence so as to get closer to a squirrel in a tree, and halfway falling out of a window while we were driving to the park so she could get a picture of her "favorite house" {which, by the way, is like a million dollar mansion...the girl has got great taste in homes}.

it is really neat to see the things that your kids take interest in.  kenzie has a major artistic bent...the child draws all the time.  she copies pictures out of books.  she draws objects around the house.  she draws abstract drawings.  she colors pictures better than i can {which may not really be saying much}.  but really, she has books and books filled with drawings.  and the thing is, most of the time you can tell what she was drawing without her having to tell you what it is {now it is not like mother, like daughter}.  she has one whole notebook dedicated to "fish" - a jellyfish, an octopus, "nemo", a whale, a's crazy.

i'm guessing the picture taking has to do with her artsy inclination?  she likes to take pictures and then create borders and stuff around her pictures.  i did not want to forget this season of animal's life and decided to blog about it so that it can go into my blog book at the end of this year!

animal is such a funny, unique little thing, and i love her to death. 

i mean, how could you not love that face?! :-)
happy thursday!

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