Monday, March 19, 2012

shower time!

last week amy & i threw a shower for katie.  unless blakely comes sooner, katie is set to be induced march 27th.  i am so ready to see my newest niece!  back to the shower, though...we had an early morning shower, so we served brunch, and we did an "around the clock" theme {although the presents didn't really follow that theme...oh well}. 

unfortunately i took pictures for katie during the shower on her camera {which next time i will not do, seeing as how she has not posted them on her blog and probably has no intention of doing so}, so i didn't get any pictures of people, only the decorations.  but here's what it looked like...

julie made this little plate with chalkboard paint for mom and we used that to welcome little blakely kate...

i saw these little straws at the dollar store and knew they would be the perfect addition to our cups...they added a lot of pizzaz for $1!!

our menu was cinnamon rolls, sausage balls, hot dogs wrapped in crescents, and a buttermilk pound cake.  for drinks we had apple juice, orange juice, bottled water, and amy had her keurig ready to go.  it was all delicious!

loved this little decoration...and i have to say i agree with that sentiment...

this was our "time to get dressed" can't see really well, but we hung a clothesline and as katie unwrapped clothes for blakely, we hung them on the clothes line.  i got some pictures with katie's camera {once again, completely unusable since the girl won't keep her blog up}, but it was amazing how many clothes were hanging in this area by the time the shower was over!

"time to sleep"...inside this little bed was a baby blanket that belonged to the time the shower was over we had added two baby blankets for blakely and a few sleepers!

"time to bathe"...julie sent an adorable whale-shaped bath for blakely and some cute little blocks that said "splish" and "splash"

"time to eat"...i made some adorable burp cloths for blakely {more on that another day} and got her a few other feeding needs.

altogether it turned out cute and i think katie enjoyed the shower.

a small glimpse at a few of the gifts...

and do you see those burp cloths wrapped up?  i made those!!  and yes, i will tell you in a couple of days all about what all i have been working on over the last few days :)  for now one last picture of my burp cloths in all their glory...

it was a really fun if we can just get past this next week so we can finally meet that sweet baby girl!

happy monday :-)

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  1. I am so glad you put these pics of the shower up! I sooo wish I could have come, you guys look like you did a fantastic job, that welcome platter you made is such a good idea! So impressed with the burp cloths and I also hate you a bit! You creative/sewing people ugh! LOL! I am going to come down a couple weeks after Blakely arrives to hopefully stay the night and maybe help the Momma out. Would love to see you guys if that works out!


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