Tuesday, July 10, 2012


okay, so i have something that i need to share with you that i do believe EVERY christian needs...it's something called clearplay.  basically clearplay is a dvd player that cuts out anything "inappapropriate" in movies...and it lets you decide what you believe is inappropriate!  you can cut out nudity, cursing, dishonoring parents, mushiness...yes, even mushiness!!!  it's so awesome!!! 

a few years ago, drew and i got really convicted about the movies we were watching because of the verse Psalm 101:3: i will set no evil thing before mine eyes...we went on a movie "sabbotical" for awhile.  because of clearplay, it has made it to where we can actually watch movies again...we do still check it out on dobson's "plugged in", but it has definitely broadened our movie experiences!!

check it out here: CLEARPLAY.

happy movie watching :)

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