Monday, July 9, 2012

blog your business

i know it takes some time to blog.  you have to upload pictures; you have to write the posts; you have to tag and label your posts; you have to schedule your posts if you do it that just takes time!  but i have found that it is SO worth it to blog.  i came into my den the other day and this is what i found...

kylie and kenzie were curled up on the couch, and kylie was reading to kenzie from our 2011 blog  i mean, that is exactly why i do it.  i have so many memories that i know i would forget if i didn't write them down...and then have them printed off at the end of the year.

it's pretty expensive to print a blog book {unless you're a blogger like my sister and only post two posts a year, but then, hey, where are your memories?}, so for christmas last year i asked for a gift card, so bam, i only had to pay about $20!  not bad for a year full of memories with pictures! this is the site i use to order my books from; it does all the work for type in your blog address, and it compiles your book for you!

so yeah, no more excuses about not's definitely the way to go to preserve memories.  blog your life.  blog your business {at least the important things you want to remember; but no gory details, please}!  one day in about 20 years you will be sitting at thanksgiving dinner with your blog book open, laughing at they way your husband nearly broke your neck {that's never happened to you?  read here for my horror story}.  okay, okay, maybe not, but i KNOW my kids are going to thank me one day when i'm not here anymore and they still have all of our memories.  it's worth the effort, peeps.

happy blogging!

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  1. I can't wait until the end of the year so I can print my first blog book! I may need help in figuring it out.


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