Friday, July 6, 2012

just another random tuesday night. {PG-13}

okay, so everyone who knows drew murphy knows that he is one crazy guy.  a few nights ago something happened that just kinda proved what a - well, a moron that he really is.  sorry, but we're going for truth on this intranet world; right?

before you read any further, just let me say that this blog post is rated PG-13 for the violence that it includes.  okay, so if you are good with that, read on...

on tuesday night, as i was working hard preparing a nutritious dinner for my family, drew arrived from work and began his nightly routine of wrestling with the girls, talking to them about their day, etc.  after he had finished up in the den, he came into the kitchen to see me.  how i wish that he had not.

let me digress for a second...if you have been around us for any length of time, you know there is this thing he does with me where he gets my head between his hands and he brings it down to his knee in a rather rough manner, like he is going to knee me in the skull.  *disgustingly true.  this really happens.  he thinks it's funny, and maybe it helps him to feel like a man that he can just throw my head around like a rag doll.

anyways, he proceeded to do the knee/head kick thing...and then he said, "you know, if a burglar ever broke into our house, this is what i would do to him..." and at that, he took my head in both hands and twisted it to the side - you know like you see on the movies when the good guy is breaking the bad guy's neck?  and my neck popped three times.  really.  it was loud as mess, and it hurt like nothing i've ever felt before.  and so i went and sat down on the couch and started crying.  and he felt really bad.

kenz came to the rescue and doctored me up {right now she thinks she is going to be a nurse when she grows up}.  she put a fake bandaid on my neck, which really did {not} help it feel better, and then she took my temperature.  still not sure what that told her about my {almost} broken neck.  anyway, just another piece of proof that you never know what you're gonna get on a random tuesday night in the murphy household.

he later told me that he woke up two times in the middle of the night and poked me just to make sure that i was awake...i think he really did feel really bad about it...he redeemed himself by taking the girls out on a date and letting me have a little alone time...and i have a camera lens that i am working on wriggling out of him from this whole ordeal...maybe i can use the broken neck to my advantage? :)

anyway, there you have it...see, we're only perfect 90% of the time...

happy friday! :)

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  1. oh GOOD GRIEF!! this made me laugh & cringe all at the same time. i definitely say to milk this for what it is worth & an almost broken neck is worth a good camera lens. ;) miss ya.


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