Thursday, August 2, 2012


on tuesday i turned 32.  it was such a sweet day for me...i woke up to a text from drew telling me how much he loves me and to be ready at 5:00 to go out for a special night!  as soon as kylie woke up, she came and whispered, "happy birthday, mommy!" and gave me a sweet hug.  then she proceeded to make me breakfast in bed {cocoa krispies!}.  the whole day the girls tried to make it "special" for me...they helped completely clean the house, and took care of kk while i got ready for date night.

that night drew took me out for dinner and it was just great to get some alone time, since things have been getting super crazy because of being so near to launch date for the church.

when we got home from our awesome date, i was greeted by this...

my little girls are the sweetest ever.  all in all, it was a great day.  thank you to all my family & friends for the special birthday wishes!


  1. aw. happy birthday, stacy! what a sweet day. so, you got your lens you were wanting?? :)

  2. haha...yes, although it didn't come from drew...there was no shaming that guy. my parents came through for me with the lens :)


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