Tuesday, August 7, 2012

what a dad

i am officially nominating drew murphy for world's best dad.  i mean, he would win gold in the dad olympics if there was such a thing.  it is just so touching for me to see how much he loves his girls.

one of the things i love is how important it is for him to spend one-on-one alone time with each of his girls.  this last weekend he had the opportunity to speak at a family camp in alabama.  now, it would have been much easier if he had gone alone on this weekend trip, but instead, he chose to take kylie with him so they could have a daddy/daughter weekend.  and she looooooved it.

i don't really even know what went on all weekend; i just know that when they got home, i asked kylie if she had fun and she said, "oh, mom, i had such a good time!"  these girls are BLESSED to have such a great dad.  and i'm super blessed to have such a great husband.  i love you, drew murphy, and love how much you love your girls...

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