Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 was a great year for us.  it held so much...challenges, exciting moments, disappointments, lots of fun, a little many different emotions and situations that we faced!  this was a huge year for us, and it is good to be able to look back and say that God led us through this year.  here's a recap of the top moments of 2012...{get ready for photo overload!}

1.  kenzie became a christian!

{she would not take the serious pictures until i had taken the crazy pictures...she may be a new creature, but not all old things have passed away...she's still my quirky kenzie!}

2.  we started a church!

this is us on launch day, August 12, 2012...we were so excited!!! this was a day i know i will never forget...God blessed the 11 months leading up to the church plant {we started preparation in September of 2011}, and He has continued to bless in unimaginable ways ever since!  this has been one ride i have been so blessed to be a part of!

3.  my sister got married!

this is an engagement picture i took for amy and jesse...i have prayed for amy to find mr. right for such a long time...i knew God had someone wonderful in store for her.  unfortunately she got jesse ;) haha

4.  we sold our house and bought, renovated, and moved into a new one!!!...and yes, we are still happily married...

in august we moved out of our home of eight was really the only house i have ever called "home"...i do still miss it at times, but i know that in time, our new house will be our new "home"!  in november we began renovations on our new home, and in december we moved in!  it has been a blast, a struggle, a challenge, and something i will never do again! ha!  how many times have i said that in my life only to turn around and do the very same thing over again?!

4.  we went to disney world!...with 20 people!  wow!

our reed family disney trip was such a blast!  i totally intend on blogging about all of our days at disney {i've only blogged about one or two so far}.  i don't want to forget all the fun that we had while we were there!  love that my family takes this trip, no matter how challenging it can be at times!

5.  we went to panama city!

drew spoke at a church camp this year and we got to go with him!  mom came along to help out with the girls and to spend time with me {since drew was not really there on a "vacation"}, and we had a blast.  this was the highlight of my summer, and i'm so glad we got to do this, and that mom went with us to make the week so much more enjoyable.

6.  we lived with dad and mom!

okay, i know you are wondering why this is on a "top" list...but i have so many great memories from this year, and from the time that we spent living at dad & mom's house.  yes, it definitely got difficult at times, and there were times when i thought we would never be in our own home again, but i would NEVER trade this year and the time that we lived with my parents.  they are on the top of my list of people i love to spend time with.  thanks, mom & dad, for allowing us to stay with y'all, and for all the fun times we had!

2012 is a year i won't forget...although we had lots of good times, we also had sorrow, too...we lost granddad, and although we are thankful to know that he is in heaven, we are still missing him so much!  we struggled through uncertainties about the new church; struggles which are sure to continue on into 2013.  we said goodbye to a community and were welcomed into a new one.  there is so much to be thankful for, and so much to look forward to!

goodbye, 2012! hello, 2013!

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