Saturday, December 29, 2012

randomness at its best

so this is probably the most random post ever.  but whatever.  it's my blog so i can do that.  i really just wanted to remember what my house looked like our first christmas in it, and i also wanted to remember that we had some christmas fun with our elves.  so with that being said, here are just a couple of pics of our new home dressed up for christmas:

our cabinets were just a regular brown oak cabinet when we moved in {i'll show before and after pictures later} and dad painted them this almond color, and I LOVE them now!!!  i didn't go all out on these decorations, but i liked the way this turned out.

then there was our tree...

no charlie brown tree for us this year!  momma went along to help pick it out, so we were good..

and then, remember how we made these snow globes last year?  they're still going strong!

that's just a small look at our house this christmas.  as far as our elves are concerned, chesney, clancy & trixie had no problem locating our new home.  the girls were really concerned that they would not know where to go, but sure enough, december 1st, there those little elves were on our coffee table!  they got into all of their usual mischief, including ziplining through the kitchen, hanging from our curtains, playing a mean game of candyland, roller skating through our den, reading all of our christmas books, and much, much more!  the girls couldn't wait to get up every morning and see what kind of mischief those elves were in!  needless to say, it totally exhausted momma elf, and i have to admit i was glad to see the little things make their way back to the pole...

we found a little note on the coffee table the morning after christmas, and this is what it said...

kylie, kenzie, & kolbie:

we had such a blast
with y'all while we were here,
but now it's time to go
and get things ready for next year.

don't forget to be good
and to always say your prayers,
to listen to mom & dad,
and to be kind and always share.

just know that we'll be watching 
for the north pole, far away,
and if you're really, really good,
we'll come back soon to play!

love, clancy, chesney & trixie

the girls were understandably very upset to see the elves go, but knew that this was the only way that santa could possibly be ready for everything by christmas 2013.  so another year down and another to go...

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