Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the easter bunny

the easter bunny came to our easter egg hunt the other day. 

kk about had a heart attack.  she kept on putting her hand over her heart and would say, "i'm skeered!  i'm skeered!" it was so cute that i would try to get her near him just so i could see her do it over and over again.  i know.  it was mean.  but she was just so cute.

she started out the hunt with a vengeance, not knowing that the easter bunny was just around the corner...

and then it happened.  he appeared.

at first she just cautiously waved at him and i thought all was going to go well.  {and i just want to know what in the world darrell is doing in the background? hahaha  maybe he has spotted some eggs?}

then it was as if she was frozen and couldn't move, couldn't even take her eyes off of the easter bunny.

then i became the world's worst mom when i tried to get a picture of her with the easter bunny.  i tried to show her it was nothing to be afraid of...

...but she didn't really agree.  her picture didn't turn out as good as mine.

i did get a few pictures of my other kids that day...

so now kk's on a first-name basis with the easter bunny.
fun times.

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