Monday, April 8, 2013

easter photo shoot

i bought the girls' easter dresses all the way back at the beginning of february, because i knew they would all need new shoes, as well, so i tried to space out all of the easter expenditures.  i have to say that i was VERY pleased with their easter dresses this year.  it is the first year that all three girls have completely matched, and so you can imagine what that meant...picture time!!!

so we had a rather lengthy photo sesh...i have to say that at first they started out extremely cooperative, then we had a meltdown, and then all of a sudden after death threats and bribes and all other manner of non-mom-of-the-year type behavior, they all of a sudden were extremely cooperative again.  that's just how we roll around here.  so here are a couple of my favorite pictures from our easter photo shoot...

this was my absolute favorite picture of the day.  there was no forcing that had to be done on this picture, they just jumped onto the bench and began cheesing.  it was so sweet, and i just loved the way that one turned out!

these kids really are just naturals when it comes to taking pictures...they are so cute that it makes it fun to take their pictures...

i did get a few individuals of each girl and i'll share those with you another day...for now you can enjoy these sweet sister easter pictures.

happy monday!


  1. So sweet! Your girls are gorgeous!!!! Sure do miss you guys. :)

    1. Thank you, Natalie. We miss y'all so much too...hope all is going well. We need to talk soon!


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