Friday, April 5, 2013


easter was a very emotional day for us.  it started out so lovely...there are no words to express what church was like on easter morning.  that is really for a whole separate post.  and i really do intend to start posting more about the church and what is going on at fayette baptist.  there are so many memories happening that i just do not want to forget, and that i want my children to know about when i'm old and can't remember what really happened...

anyway, it was the best easter sunday as far as church goes that i can remember.  we headed to my grandmother's house after church for easter celebration.  that afternoon we lost a very dear person in our family.  my aunt's boyfriend passed away on sunday (they have been together over 25 years, and he has been like an uncle to all of us).  he had been battling cancer for quite some time, and had just been put in hospice, so it was a bit of a surprise that it happened so quickly afterwards.  it was a very difficult day.  thursday we celebrated his life at his funeral, and it was just a sad week. 

it has reminded me to slow down.  we only get one go at this life.  i get so busy sometimes that i forget what really matters.  easter was difficult.  and i'm sure we will always remember on the easters to come that we lost a sweet family member on that special holiday.  but i'm also reminded to celebrate life, and celebrate the people that are still here living it with me.

hope your easter week was a good one!
happy friday!

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