Monday, April 29, 2013


on friday morning of our branson trip, we got up and headed to krispy kreme!  it was, of course, delicious...

wow.  that makes me want some. 

 just a funny we were leaving, drew asked kylie to hold the box of donuts {we had about four left in the box}.  she grumbled about how it was "too heavy" - i mean, come on, it's donuts; right?  it's not like donuts weigh anything...anyway, drew and i demanded that she do her part and hold the box of donuts...and, of course, the next thing we know, as we're walking out the door, she drops the box of donuts.  mommy no happy.  well, the guy behind the counter was so nice that he gave us four donuts to make up for the ones we lost!  nothing like mishaps on vacation...

we left krispy kreme and headed for what ended up being our favorite adventure of the trip...we went to the titanic exhibit!  drew & i had been before {and i think the kids went, too, but were just too little to remember it}. 

about a week before we went to branson, i had been watching a documentary one night on "what sank the titanic", and the girls happened to come in and watched the whole two hour documentary!  i was shocked that they sat through the whole thing, but they were really entranced by it, and so i knew they would really enjoy this exhibit.  it proved to be worth the time and money!

when you "board" the titanic, you are given a card with someone's name on it, a passenger who was truly on board the titanic!  kylie was lillian gertrud asplund, kenzie was celiney yazbeck, and kolbie was marguerite sandstrom.  their stories were so interesting to read!  sadly, kenzie's passenger was a young girl on her honeymoon, and her husband did not make it off the titanic.  through your "voyage", you are able to look at real artifacts from the ship.  there is an area that is a replica of the main entryway of the ship, complete with the grand staircase and linoleum floors.  there is an iceberg that you can touch, and a bowl of water that you can dip your hand in that is actually the temperature of what the water was that can see how long you can keep one finger in it...brr!  there are replicas of the deck, slanted at the angles at which the boat slanted at various times before the titanic sunk.  at the end of the voyage, you get to look at the records to see if your passenger lived or died.  the girls really gave drew a hard time, because everyone in our family survived except for drew.  kylie patted him on the arm and said, "well, dad, that's what men do for their families."  ha.

each of the girls were given some money to get a little souvenir, and all three girls ended up getting something from the titanic shop!  kolbie got a little sailor bear and immediately dubbed her "titanic".

  she also immediately put her sticker that she was given smack dab on her face.

 this was a really awesome part of our trip, and i'm so glad we got to do it!

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