Friday, May 31, 2013


my little animal continues to be a joy...this child has definitely lived up to her nickname {well, one of her many nicknames, "quirky"} of late, she has donned a pair of blue glasses that one of our dear college-age guys at church gave her...that along with her missing two front teeth has just sealed the deal of her being a total quirk.

i just had to take pictures of her in all her quirkiness the other day...


everything from the top of her do-rag to the bottom of her twinkle toe shoes just shouts quirky...

the other night, the following conversation went  down as we were on our way to attend the church memorial day picnic.  she had on her blue glasses and a really ugly cute fuzzy panda shirt that amy gave to her...

kenzie:  mom, in your mind when you think of a nerd, what do you see?
mom:  kenzie, i don't think there are nerds... {okay, a lie, i know...but maybe a good lie?}
kenzie:  well, i think of crazy curly hair...and a couple of freckles on her face...and two missing front teeth...and really huge glasses...
mom:  kenzie, you are NOT a nerd.
kenzie:  yeah, mom, i am.  i really am.

and it was almost like she WANTED me to say that she is a nerd.  not sure why, but whatever.

well, at the end of the day, one thing is for sure:  if she IS a nerd, she's the cutest little nerd that ever lived!

happy friday :-)

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  1. I absolutely love this! And she is one cute nerd :)


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