Tuesday, May 7, 2013

my current top five

1)  this scent from better homes & gardens...

2) perusing through these photos...i'm pretty much in love with kate middleton's style...could it possibly be that she's almost always in a fabulous dress?
3) no matter what else i read in my quiet times, i ALWAYS read this one in addition...you can download the FREE app for ipad or iphone
4) wow.  there is nothing more to say about this talent.  kylie saw this nine-year-old girl featured in her american girl magazine and wanted to hear her sing.  i was blown away.  i mean, i wish i could sing like this 9-year-old.  push play.  you won't be let down.
{and since i'm ALWAYS the last one to know about current events in the celebrity world, you've all probably heard these girls a thousand times by now, but just push play again and be inspired}.


5) my baby can now completely dress herself.  she was put into "time out" the other day in her bed, and i didn't hear her for a little while and went to check on her.  when i peeked in on her, i saw that she had taken off her clothes that i had dressed her in, had dressed herself in this get-up, and had fallen asleep.  SO SWEET.

happy tuesday :)

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