Tuesday, February 4, 2014


In January, my dad retired from his job that he held for over 35 years.  I have contemplated that quite a bit, for a lot of different reasons.  First of all, can you imagine every day being Saturday?  {Yes, please!}  And then, in thinking about that, it just brings to mind that I just really don't know anyone who deserves every-day-is-Saturday more than my dad.  I know I have written a lot on this blog about what an impact my dad has been to me in my life, and it probably gets old, but yet again, in this retirement thing, here is another way in which my dad has been such an awesome example to me and my sisters and to all the men in our lives.

As far back as I can remember, my dad has held a steady job (good grief, he was at the same one for over 35 years - longer than I've been alive)!  That is not a very common thing to be able to say, especially in this day and age.  My dad worked (hard) for his wife and family, and made many sacrifices for us over the years.  I really don't think this job was ever about him or his desires; it was about how he could provide best for his family...and he always did! I can remember that he NEVER missed work.  It didn't matter if he didn't feel good or was tired or whatever else excuses people use; he was always at work unless it was absolutely physically impossible!  I am so proud of my dad and of his integrity and his work ethic.  He is such an amazing man, and I love him to death! 

It was fun to go out to his work on his last day and to surprise him. 

{Kolbie didn't know she could be a part of this picture; 
Jett is not happy about - well, what is he mad about? - 
and June is just plain angry!} 

And then it was kind of comical that we couldn't even get Dad in his own retirement pictures...

Nope.  Try again...

No again...

Really?!  We're getting worse here, people; not better!!

Much better!  

So proud of my dad and for all of the hard work that he put in over the years.  Hope he has many, many wonderful "Saturdays" to come!

Happy Tuesday :)

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