Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Snow Fun!

I know after today's 76 degree weather, the last thing you want to do is revisit our week of snow.  However, I have not documented those memories yet, so today we will talk about our fun snow day that we had!

On Monday afternoon we met a group of friends up at the school where we are currently having church, and we just had some good ol' fun sledding and riding the go cart.

Of course, the guys had to get a little crazy on the makeshift sleds.

The kids had a great time alternating between the sleds and the gocarts...

And of course I insisted on some friends and family pictures!!!

(Yes, we always have to get a crazy kissing picture ;))...

We had a blast!  It was a much needed break since we have been furiously working to stay focused on these last couple of months of school while being cooped up inside for days on end because of how bitterly cold it has been!  Hopefully these cold wintery days are behind us...thankfully this was one that was fun and worth blogging about!

Happy Tuesday!

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