Saturday, May 24, 2014

NAMB Conference

A couple of months ago, NAMB (North American Mission Board) graciously hosted a free conference for all of their church planters across the country.  Drew and I were excited to be able to get away for a couple of days and get a free "mini vacation" while getting to hear what is new with NAMB in regards to their SEND program.  I also love to meet other church planters and hear what God is doing in and through their churches and church plant efforts.  We took the girls, and so this was a fun little getaway for all of us!

We headed out on Sunday afternoon after our morning church service and pulled in to Nashville around 9:00 that evening.  We stayed in a little hotel right outside of Nashville Sunday night...I got a kick out of the fact that Kylie put up all of her "cosmetics" around the sink.

And, of course Kenzie had to follow suit and laid out some stuff of her own...

We enjoyed some family time on Monday night being silly and just relaxing in our little hotel room.

Monday we spent the day enjoying a little bit of Nashville. We went to see Muppets Most Wanted and to eat at Rainforest Cafe.


Monday afternoon we drove in to downtown Nashville and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon in the really nice hotel room that NAMB put us in for the night!

 {I really liked the bathroom so I had to take a picture! :)}

Monday night NAMB hosted a delicious steak dinner and then we got to hear all of the details about the SEND program, and what the focus of the church planting part of NAMB is going to be in the future.  It was really exciting to see, and I'm blessed to be a part of an organization that is trying to reach North America for Christ!

The couple of days was a blast, and I'm so excited that we got to be a part of the conference.

If you want to know more about NAMB, go HERE to see what they're all about!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! :)

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