Monday, April 20, 2015

Back to Blogging

It has been a while since I last posted.  A really, really long while (I can't believe my last post was in August)!! This year has literally flown by, and I've been busy with other things.  Homeschooling has been a beast this year with a 5th grader and a 3rd grader, and with Kolbie just being Kolbie (weak laugh inserted here).  I also had a fun time with my sisters for a while posting over at our blog Southern Sister Style, but because of everyone's crazy, hectic schedules, we are not going to be posting any longer at that site.  I also jumped on the Instagram bandwagon!  I like IG so much better than I ever liked Facebook - it's easy and quick and doesn't take too much time to post (it can take a lot of time if you're an IG stalker like me some people are)!  So I've had other avenues of social media that I was involved with for the last few months.  Oh, and did I mention that we are currently going through a building program and are still working at planting a church (and for that matter, when is it officially "planted"??  Another weak laugh here).

However, with that all being said, a couple of weeks ago my girls were looking through one of our old blog books and Kylie mentioned the fact that she was SO upset that I had stopped journaling about our lives and taking so many pictures of what we do as a family.  I sat down and looked at the book (from 2011) that they were looking at, and I was reminded why had started blogging in the first place!  It made me want to pick it back up all over again.

I'm looking forward to posting again - it won't be every day by any means, but I'm looking forward to sharing updates when I can.  My girls are REALLY excited about it, so that definitely makes me happy!!

I guess that means I'm back to blogging!
Happy Monday :)

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